$197.00 USD

Lateral Tension For You


Take your GPR skills to the next dimension with the Auto Appearance Institute's Lateral Tension Course. 

This advanced course equips you with the expertise to manipulate metal with precision, achieving flawless dent removal without affecting the paint finish.

Gear Up for Success:

  • Master the Tools: Learn to leverage the latest lateral tension tools, including pull tabs, attachments, and industry-leading equipment.
  • Advanced Techniques Unveiled: Dive deep into advanced lateral tension application methods, mastering control and achieving optimal results.
  • Live Repair Showcase: Witness the power of lateral tension firsthand as instructors demonstrate real-world dent repairs using cutting-edge tools.

Don't settle for limitations. Push the boundaries of PDR with the Auto Appearance Institute's Lateral Tension Course. Enroll today and unlock the full potential of metal manipulation!